Walking Maumee Trails by Jim and Dee Walter

Maumee Bay State Park, Oregon, OH) Hi 77 Lo 68 – It was cool 60 this morning, and rainy. We did our morning routine of coffee and computers, then around noon Kathy came over to see if we wanted to go to the beach. I hadn’t noticed that it quit raining and the sun was starting to shine. I got a bite to eat and we headed for the beach.

There were three guys kite boarding on the lake. The kite was huge and the winds were brisk. (Click on photos to make them larger.)

And away he went!  He flew thru the water. One of the guys went high enough he was out of the water with his board attached to his feet and did a summersault and back in the water. We watched for several minutes.

Kathy is pointing to the sign that tells the different conditions of the lake. Not the condition of the surf, but the pollution level of water. At certain levels you’re not supposed to swallow the water, and at the worst level it’s not safe to be IN the water. Umm, no swimming for me, thank you.
2013-06-30 Maumee Bay state park beach of lake erie Kathy

When we got back to the RV we waited on Sandy and Dick, another couple from Adelaide Shores RV park (our winter home), to arrive. It’s so surprising how many of our Florida friends live in Ohio (and in Pennsylvania, where we’re headed tomorrow).

We brought a couple of outdoor chairs into our living room and managed to fit everyone in.

From left to right is Dee, Dick, Sandy, Kathy and Kenny. Thank you Sandy and Dick for taking the time to come see us.

We hope to see Sandy and Dick again at Beaver Falls, PA where we’re headed tomorrow. They’re driving there for a gathering of Adelaide Shores friends. More about that in the days to come.

After Sandy and Dick left it was so nice out and there was still plenty of daylight left, Kathy, Kenny and I decided to take a walk around the park. Jim stayed behind to watch the NASCAR race that he recorded.

Kenny has walked the trail a few times so he led the way.

We went through some woods…

… and mowed grass paths…

… and climbed up this large hill near the beach.

The hill offered a great view of the beach area and Lake Erie.

There’s a fishing lake behind the hill.

Then we had to walk DOWN the hill.

My knees were really barking at me, so Kenny loaned me his walking stick. It sure makes a difference.

I have two ski poles stored away, but I can never remember to get them out for walks.

We rested awhile when we got to the bottom, then Kenny said we’d take another way back, which was more grass paths with bugs and mosquitoes.

There are May Flies all around this area. They come up from the lake when it’s warmer, mate, and then die. Kenny says they make great fish bait.

The path back to the campground was a half a mile longer than the one we started out on, but eventually we got back to the RV. Kathy and I were both pretty tired and sore. My RunKeeper app said we went went 2.8 miles. So the past two days I’ve walked four miles. I’m set for a couple days. 🙂

We had some dinner then went over to visit Kathy and Kenny for the last time before we leave tomorrow. They’re also leaving tomorrow, so we’ll say our final goodbyes then.

Credit – This awesome article is by Jim and Dee Walter on http://tumbleweed-jimdee.blogspot.in


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