The 5 Best Singles Destinations for Halloween on

With Halloween quickly approaching, many singles are not afraid to travel elsewhere for their share of tricks and treats.

In a recent Miss Travel survey, 13,928 singles will not be staying local for the Halloween festivities. In fact, more singles this are apparently looking to “cast a spell” somewhere other than their hometown during during Halloween weekend (10/31-11/2).

Miss Travel released its list of “Top 5 Halloween Destinations for Singles,” a ranking of the most booked Halloween destinations in the US. Of the nearly 14,000 singles traveling, New Orleans topped this year’s list of Halloween’s biggest hot spots for singles:

The 5 Best Singles Destinations for Halloween (According to 13,928 Singles Traveling)

1.) New Orleans, LA – 3,518

2.) Seattle, WA – 2,941

3.) Honolulu, HI – 2,103

4.) Miami, FL – 1,812

5.) Las Vegas, NV – 1,798

Other Cities – 1,756

“Halloween is a time to go outside of one’s comfort zone by acquiring a different persona, so many singles often travel to different cities to meet new people,” says Brandon Wade. “Costumes not only disguise the wearer, but also serve as a point of conversation. Both of these factors help singles interact more often and more boldly.”

Have you ever traveled elsewhere for Halloween?

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