Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Vegan Treats in Berlin by Jill@ Vegan Backpacker

Böhme Passion Fruit Chocolate Bar

This is my 10th and final blog post about the amazing city that is Berlin. To cap it all off, I wanted to bring you a roundup of vegan treats that you can look forward to spotting at supermarkets and health food stores throughout the city.

Böhme Chocolate Bars

To start things off, I have to tell you about these ultra affordable chocolate bars made by Böhme. They make dark chocolate bars with creamy fruit fillings. There are enough flavours that you’re likely to find your favourite furits amongst the lot. They’ve got lemon, rhubarb, pineapple, passion fruit, raspberry, peppermint, strawberry and more.

Böhme Passion Fruit Chocolate Bar

They’re super sweet and definitely not the kind of chocolate bar you want to eat in one sitting. They cost €0.39 – .49 Euro ($0.52-0.65 USD), which means chocolate lovers can give in and buy more than one. All in the name of trying new things, right?

Vegan Treats Available at Most Supermarkets

At one supermarket, I picked up the pineapple and rhubarb Böhme bars, as well as a bag oferdnuss flippies, known to English speaking folk as peanut puffs, a fruit strudel by Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese, and a bag of gelle früchte, fruit candies, by Katjes. I learned about all of these vegan products from Rezeptefuchs, a German website that maintains a list of vegan products, as well as their prices and where to find them. The website is in German but you can use Google translator to make sense of it.

ValSoia Chocolate Ice Cream Bar

ValSoia is an Italian company but you can find their soy-based frozen dessert products in several of Berlin’s supermarkets. According to Rezeptefuchs, they are sold at Edeka, Famila, Globus, Marktkauf and Real.

Tofutti and SoYeah Ice Cream

The vegan ice cream selection doesn’t end there. Tofutti ice cream is widely available at health food stores, as is SoYeah ice cream, a line produced by the Ice Cream Factory. I saw a few flavours of Tofutti around town, including strawberry, mango passion fruit, and chocolate. You can find chocolate and vanilla SoYeah ice cream at most health food stores but strawberry is harder to find. Buying ice cream in a box will lower the price you pay per scoop but some of the best vegan ice cream in the city can only be found at eis shops. Don’t miss my review of vegan ice cream options in Berlin.

Cremino’s Dunkle Creme

Dark chocolate spread is everywhere in Berlin but there are only a few brands that are made without milk products. We started off by trying Cremino’s Dunkle Creme and stayed loyal to it throughout our stay. It has crunchy bits of ground cacao and makes for a special addition to toast, pancakes and waffles.

Alnatura Chocolate Spelt Waffers

Alnatura Chocolate Spelt Balls

At Alnatura health food stores, as well as other organic food shops and some supermarkets, you can find Alnatura’s line of chocolate products, several of which are vegan. We tried the spelt chocolate squares, as well as the spelt chocolate balls. Both were made with bitter chocolate, which kept us from eating more than a few at a time. Dark chocolate lovers will adore these.

Rapunzel Nirwana Noir Chocolate Bar

Another chocolate treat I’d highly recommend is the Nirwana Noir chocolate bar by Rapunzel. It’s a semisweet chocolate bar with nut truffle filling. It’s to die for and, be warned, highly addictive. Don’t miss it!

These are just some of the vegan treats you can find in Berlin. It’s a sweet, sweet city that I hope to return to someday.

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