Out and About in The Yorkshire Dales by PAUL STEELE, VisitBritian Super Blog

In the north of England is a National Park that lives up to helping give England the title of ‘green and pleasant land’.  The Yorkshire Dales National Park is an area of approximately 680 square miles and full of green lush valleys, flowing rivers, hills and limestone rockscapes. I adore the area as I train there and thousands of visitors per year shows many agree.

For me I am lucky to live not too far and I find it a great place to wander up, down or along with every type of hike and walk imaginable. Why, it is even home to my favourite training challenge, The Yorkshire 3 Peaks, 26 miles, 3 of its finest hills and variety with views along the way. In fact there are so many hills in this area you can stroll and enjoy just the one leisurely when the mood hits you.

But, fresh air comes in all ways and this place is not just for the hardened walker. Every valley has is own charm and there is lots to do and see wherever you look.

For a spectacular family walk and day out why not take a stroll around the Ingleton Falls Trail? 5 miles of woodland, waterfalls in all shapes and sizes, superb pathways and wonderful images. So much to see and explore here that the kids will not get bored.

And for a shorter walk but worth every step is Hardraw Force. Hidden in the grounds of the Green Dragon Inn is England’s highest single drop waterfall. You can watch it from below or make the short pathed walk up and round to the top to look down as the water flows over the edge with great effect.

Of course though this limestone rich environment has made some fantastic rock landscapes and the rock climbers would not be disappointed. A great example of the Yorkshire Dales limestone scene is Malham Cove. A huge wall of rock facing out from the hill, an old ice age waterfall standing now as a beauty spot for many visitors. Some admiring, some climbing it, some to stroll to its Limestone pathway at the top.

I have only touched on a small number of walking and views aspects of this great National Park here. I look forward in future to sharing with you the hilltops, villages, abbeys and grand houses, plus a hidden world underneath.

If You would like to see more of Paul Steele’s ramblings both in Britain and around the world you can follow him on Twitter @paul_steele, his Blog BaldHikerHuffington Postand more VisitBritain posts

Credit: Article by PAUL STEELE.


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